Estates, Wills, & Trusts

The firm counsels clients in matters involving wills, trusts, estate planning, probate, and estate and trust administration, and represents parties in all Surrogate’s Court proceedings and litigation.

Real Estate

In transactions involving real property, the firm advises and represents parties in every phase of the transaction including the acquisition, sale, financing, and leasing of residential and commercial real estate.


The firm represents parties in court actions involving contracts, commercial transactions, negotiable instruments, real estate, mortgage foreclosure, personal injury, negligence, and other types of claims.

Landlord & Tenant

The firm represents clients in court summary proceedings from preparation of rent demand letters to actual/final tenant evictions. The firm also counsels and represents tenants as to their lease rights and obligations.


In matters involving corporate transactions, liability, and compliance, the firm counsels privately-held corporations and family-owned businesses.

Medicaid Planning & Elder Law

Regarding matters involving family asset protection and planning, the firm advises clients and their families as to proper asset transfers in order to qualify for Medicaid assistance via the preparation and use of Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts. We also advise clients of the income, gift, and estate tax consequences of such transfers.


In connection with the need for financial and/or personal supervision of individuals (both young and old) the firm counsels clients as to the Mental Hygiene Law procedures, petition filing, court hearing, and consequences of court guardianship appointments, including bonding requirements, involvement of court evaluators and court examiners, and ongoing court accounting requirements.


With respect to tax compliance and planning matters, the firm counsels clients regarding personal, corporate, and fiduciary income taxation, estate and gift taxation, and retirement planning.


The firm provides all levels of accounting, payroll, sales, and income tax preparation services to individuals, sole-proprietors, partnerships, corporations, and LLC's.

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